Our ovens were designed to be capable of servicing a fairly large amount of people, and yet fit in almost every size yard. We have had parties of up to thirty people so far, and felt the oven had even more capacity. As you can see in the photo there are two trees, one on either side of the oven, we had to engineer the oven chamber to allow the unit to not come too close to those trees. The footprint is less than six feet square.

This oven is simple, efficient, attractive, low/no maintenance, but still a workhorse in performance. You could fit two full size turkeys inside with potatoes, and hot cross buns.

The one thing I enjoy most about the oven is how simple it is to use. You only need to start a small fire, and gradually build it as big as required for the meal you will be preparing. While the oven is heating up, we cook appetizers to eat while we enjoy a glass of wine. Once the chamber gets up to the desired temperature we place our food inside and continue what we where doing until it’s ready to eat. S’mores are a common desert with a cup of coffee. Read more…