Build Your Dream

pizza-logo-redAfter building custom homes in Northern California for over twenty years, I decided to follow my heart. The authentic brick oven has always been of interest to me. The fact that people as far back as Ancient Egyptians figured out how to construct fire proof, heat retaining, domes to cook their food amazed me. The more research and learning I did, just made these ovens that much more interesting. So the decision to build one in our back yard was made.

We decided on a location between two mature trees, then figured out what size we wanted for the cooking chamber. Well as “Murphy’s Law” would have it, those two choices created issues.

One of the important factors to authentic brick ovens requires that the heat from the chamber not escape through the base. Modern day ovens accomplish this by suspending the pad and floor of the oven on a mat of heavy steel bars, thus allowing the oven to retain the heat for a long time. This requires a lot of space.

Retaining the heat is what is required when cooking many foods. How long does it take in your kitchen oven to bake a potato or a pie? These ovens bake fabulous breads and pastries because they hold the heat so well. On the contrary, when cooking pizza you need an open flame to form a crispy crust. That is why an authentic oven bakes as well as cooking pizza. A pizza oven on the other hand is not designed to hold heat, therefore it is not a good choice for baking many foods requiring more cooking time.

The space between the trees was not sufficient space required to build the oven the conventional way. I decided to redesign a new brick oven that could give us both a large cooking chamber and still keep it compact enough to fit between the trees. We used modern day chemistry and new age technology to achieve our goals.

Well as you can see in the photos, it was a huge success. The NorCal Brick Pizza Oven is built on site using no kits or pre-made domes. We feel our ovens are superior in every way and will not require expensive and lengthy repairs that usually come with pre-fab and kits.

We are proud to offer you an opportunity to share my passion and enjoy a lifetime of great food and fun, with one of our NorCal Brick Pizza Ovens.