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    Starting out... foundation and walls
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    Middle of the project... the fire box
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    Finishing up... a beautiful oven that will last a lifetime

How They’re Built

We start by building the base on a footing designed to carry the weight of the brick oven above. The base is typically built with a masonry block and reinforced with rebar and concrete.  The top of the base, or oven floor slab, is constructed using an insulation, mortar, and concrete blend that are proprietary. It is important to prevent the oven heat from transferring and escaping out through the base. With the help of modern chemistry and engineering, we created a system that thermally separates these two elements. We respectfully call this “our magic”.

The entire floor of the oven chamber is built using firebricks embedded into a fire clay and silica sand bed. This allows you to easily replace any bricks that may become damaged or worn out.

 We then construct the dome using the same firebrick with a specially formulated mortar modified with fireclay. During construction we install a high temperature thermometer that allows you to read the internal oven temperature from the front of the oven.

The dome is designed to extract as much heat as possible from the wood fire. Engineering the proper shape and dimensions is critical. A poor design will never get hot enough nor will it draft properly. During construction we begin the tempering process to dry the masonry out evenly.

The chimney and ash clean-out are placed outside of the oven chamber. This allows the chamber to stay hot as long as possible, while still creating a draft, and a simple way to clean out the ashes.

The dome has been engineered to optimize the fuel (wood), by circulating the heat and storing that heat in the bricks prior to exhausting out the chimney.

The dome is then wrapped in an industrial grade foil to blanket the compartment. A skeleton of wire is molded around the foil and then a layer of concrete encases the chamber. This mound of masonry is then blanketed by 2+” of fire friendly insulation, designed to retain the heat.

 Your choice of styles determines how we encase the top of the oven. The style chosen, most often fits in with the style and finishes used on your home

Quality Built In

NorCal Brick Pizza Ovens are all constructed with the same exacting oven specifications; the exterior can be designed to fit into your environment. We oven-check-listencourage a design to fit the local terrain or one that works well with your existing structure. NorCal Brick Ovens all come with a brass identification plaque that is issued after proof of all inspections are submitted and reviewed. We have strict specifications that must be adhered to, created to maintain the highest quality possible.

NorCal Brick Pizza Ovens are designed using the same basic heat flow and retention concepts as the ancient ovens used throughout history. They can be heated to  1000 degrees. Our ovens are larger than most residential pizza ovens to allow you to cook almost anything that you would prepare in your kitchen oven.

Please ask your local strategic NorCal Brick Pizza Oven partner to share with you the standards we strive to meet.

NorCal Brick Pizza Ovens
Custom built on your site

Authentic Brick Ovens built for a lifetime

 No kits, buttons, or fasteners to break

Built on your site for a lifetime of good food and fun
to share with family and friends


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