Entertaining Brick Oven Style

Every meal is an occasion…

Whether it’s baked Brie, artichoke & jalapeno dip, or toasted marshmallows, your family and friends will love the experiences they share with you.

Winkel-3 Entertaining has never been easier, than hosting an event within a Brick Oven venue. The unique features of a brick oven are quite pronounced, let’s take a peek inside an event.

Winkel-27We start off by making a small pilot fire close to the front of the oven. We do this for a number of reasons, it’s important to heat the oven gradually to warn the bricks “duty calls” it’s going to get hot in here. The fire is started in front to create a draft, by warming up the flue we are creating a path that draws oxygen to the fire and pulls the heat up the chimney. If we tried to start the fire in the rear the lack of oxygen would not be sufficient to support a fire. Gradually the logs get bigger and the fire is pushed to the rear of the chamber, this heats up the floor of the oven as well as pulls more oxygen into the dome. Once you get the fire hot and pushed to the rear, the heat rises to the dome and is forced to exit the oven while adding heat to the dome on its way out.

If you enjoy stogies this is a good time to fire one up. (Just saying)

Winkel-5This process does not require your undivided attention, so here is where I do all the final preparations required, like icing the drinks and placing the trash containers, and make sure the wine is the right choice for the meal.

Everyone loves poppers, jalapenos with gruyere cheese and wrapped in thick apple smoked bacon then baked in the brick oven. I really enjoy appetizers, they’re like a signal to the stomach “incoming” !!! Make something that cleans up easy. When we bake things that ooze, we usually place them on foil, easy clean-up. By now, my fire is in the rear of the oven. I like to keep the fire on one side, that gives me more surface to cook on.


Winkel-10Folks filter in slowly at first, pleasantries are exchanged and stories are told.

Just like the fire, the group builds gradually.



Time to place the next appetizer, an artichoke, crab dip. The baguette was store bought, with a bit more practice we will bake our own.

Just about now, everyone starts to pay a bit more attention to the oven. REALLY?. We try to keep everything simple without cheating on flavor.

So with no one inside the house, the clean-up is contained to the back yard. That is so much easier than having to deal with it inside. Once the ashes cool sweep them to the ash cleanout into the pail (not shown). Done!


Winkel-19It seems that no matter how many people attend, there is always room out doors.

This was a small gathering of family and friends. We find the larger groups to be even easier. What you will find is with more people, volunteers will step forward and want to get involved in the cooking process. We also find almost everyone wants an oven in their yard.


Winkel-29If you have any interest or have any question, please fill out the form on page ——– and I will get back to you with answers.

Thank you for joining our party.