History of the Oven

Fire is the elixir of life, have you ever not enjoyed marshmallows toasted over an open fire?

pizza-logo-redThe origins of Wood Fired Brick Ovens date back as far as ancient Egyptian days. The design has changed through the ages very little. The size of the oven was determined by the size of the community using it.

Each member was allowed time to bake in them on a regular basis. They were most often heated up once a week, and re-heated between users as needed. This took some time to heat so they were designed to stay warm for a very long time.

The brick Oven was used this way throughout the maturing of mankind in almost every race and country. In the nineteen hundreds many European and eastern countries maintained village ovens, and many are still in use.

Wood fired Pizza Ovens are a type of Brick Oven. Pizza Ovens are not designed to hold heat they are simply designed to get hot. The NorCal Brick Pizza Oven was designed to get hot and retain that heat.

You can use your  NorCal Brick Pizza Oven to bake pizza as well as almost any other food you bake in a conventional oven. The interior is a whopping 29” x 29” +/-, large enough to bake two turkeys at once.