Maintenance & Tips

pizza-logo-red Keeping your oven clean and working well is easy. 

  • Remove ashes and clean the oven floor prior to placing the food directly on the brick. When food is placed where the fire was burning, the food will sear.
  • When baking one or two loaves of bread you should dampen the chamber to keep the bread moist. Larger quantities tend to contain enough of its own moisture.
  • Do not use cleaning solutions on the interior of the oven. In cases of accidental spills, remove as much solids as possible and burn the rest off with the heat or fire.
  • After a rainy season, or an extended period of non-use  (1 year +/-) burn a kindling fire about 15 minutes prior to building the main fire. This allows any moisture that may have been absorbed, to be dried gradually.
  • If a brick in the floor needs to be replaced simply remove the damaged or warn brick and place a new “fire brick” in the opening. It is my experience that pre-drilling a hole and firmly fixing a screw in the hole, gives you something to lift the damaged brick out by, without upsetting the adjacent bricks.