The Company

pizza-logo-redWe consist of a group of friends that happen to be a family. We all enjoy eating, drinking, and frivolity. Most often the real fun comes during preparation and then cooking.

One of us spent his entire lifespan, to date, in the food industry, cooking, supplying restaurants, designing kitchens, and plain old fashioned eating.

Another earned a career in the IT industry by day, and acted as a sous chef by night and weekends. Her real talents came out in the tasting and evaluating what and how much seasoning was required.

The third spent her days in the healthcare industry working alongside doctors, nurses, surgeons, and medical assistants. This group was fixated on good food. One of the children from this group went on to be a renowned chef and authored a few cookbooks. So she, of course, is a very accomplished cook and baker.

The fourth decided on a path of building and creating structures for people to reside in. He also is a very good eater, and wine lover.

Number “1” resided in the North-Bay area, where one of the most notable and respected brick oven builders (Alan Scott) lived. With that, he NEEDED an oven. So we all joined in and built his oven. Designing and building the ultimate Authentic Brick Oven was the end result.

Once you savor the flavors, you too will fall in love with the authentic brick oven and what it brings (literally) to the table.

With all of those elements combined we decided to share our love with all those that have a passion for good food, good fun, and love of family.

Current locations:

Greater Sacramento, CA
Serving from Fairfield to Lake Tahoe

Stockton, CA
Serving from Sacramento to Merced

Coming Summer 2014

Santa Barbara, CA
Serving from Thousand Oaks to Atascadero

Bakersfield, CA
Serving from Gorman to Tulare

Reno, NV
Serving from Lake Tahoe to Carson City

Fresno, CA
Serving from Madera to Visalia